About Harry Kern

I like to shoot just about anything, especially if its moving. So, sports, animals,and musicians, head the list. Then there are stitched panoramas, a perspective  introduced to me in 2003 that has proved to be a challenging and very rewarding part of my shooters menu.  I also like to work with the low light conditions so very available here in The Yukon most of the year.    I started capturing images with a Brownie Target 616 at age seven [1960 Sourdough Rendezvous] and have since moved over to a Nikon DSLR.    I find the Digital World  WONDERFUL in its possibility.  The visual world has suddenly opened up to general capture by anyone in every way, and the ability to share images with any/everyone instantly and cheaply is staggering.  Gone are the traditional barriers of age, cost, technical ability, environment.  The resulting blizzard of images is VERY entertaining!